Our Sense of Production

We transform the stories of our geography, blessed with the abundance of land and sea, and the richness of the cultural heritage we live on, into an inspiring aesthetic experience.

The winemaker takes the grapes, and turns them into wine once every year. Thus, someone who has been making wine for forty years has had forty tries. Melen Winery is one of the lucky firms which are able to continue their path by combining their historic experience with modern techniques and scientific studies.

Having accentuated quality in its sense of production, Melen is Turkey’s first boutique winemaking company to make limited production from the grapes of a single vineyard.

The quality of wine is based on suitable soil, suitable weather, grape types suitable for the given soil and climate, variations which haven’t degenerated and yield high quality, and correct vine cultivation. Once grapes mature in Melen, where these conditions are provided, they are collected during vintage with a night harvest, and brought to the winery for processing without wasting any time. Because the production is limited to 250 tons the maturation process is observed and directed with the carefulness of an artist.

For Melen, wine is not merely a factory manufactured product. There is an artistic aspect of producing it, and each harvest symbolizes its creator’s spirit in its own unique way.