Monastery Tasting House

Your Enchanted Oasis in Nature

Perched on the slopes of the Sacred Ganos (Lights) Mountain, with a commanding view of the Marmara Sea and Avşa Island, Manastır Vineyard House draws its inspiration from the St. Ioannis Theologos Monastery nestled within the Melen Vineyard.

Wine is a living testament to its geographical roots. Encased within each bottle lies the essence of the soil's aroma, the sincerity of the observed sunlight, the fervor of the drifting breeze, and the dedicated efforts of those who carefully bottle it. Monastery Tasting House invites you to savor a delightful experience amidst the unique flavors of these vineyards, set against the backdrop of an extraordinary panorama.

Wine Tasting and Reservations

Indulge in the ever-evolving menu of the Manastır Sofrası, offering a weekly array of delectable specialties crafted from the region's local produce, complemented by our Cheese & Charcuterie Platter and tantalizing snacks.

Monastery Tasting House welcomes day visitors between April and November. Operating days and hours may vary based on the season and holiday periods. Stay abreast of current information and events by following our Instagram page "manastirbag" To enhance your experience, we strongly recommend making a reservation.

For those with a penchant for exploration, our guests can partake in a guided tour to the St. Ioannis Theologos Monastery nestled within our vineyards, just before the sun sets. The timing of these tours may fluctuate with the seasons, so do inquire during the reservation process.

Reservation Phone: 0542 179 5959

Events and Organizations

Monastery Tasting House graciously hosts exclusive groups and events from April to November. You can tailor your experience by acquiring information on these events and creating your reservation accordingly.

During the grape harvest season, special groups and tours planning a visit to Hoşköy can explore diverse tasting experiences and vineyard & monastery tour programs, custom-tailored to the group's preferences.

Stay informed about the delightful events hosted by Monastery Tasting House each year by following the "manastirbag" Instagram account.

Reservation Phone: 0542 179 5959

The St. Ioannis Theologos Monastery

The Çetintaş family's lineage in Thrace traces back 600 years, originating from Turkish nobles brought from around Konya to Rumelia. Their settlement in what is now Güzelköy in Melen carries the weight of the region's historical and cultural values, mirroring the family’s own narrative.

Once known as Ganohora, this settlement, dating back to the 1st century according to Strabo, stood as a significant religious center for the Christian realm during the Middle Ages, adorned with churches and monasteries. Historical records indicate the presence of six monasteries in Ganohora in bygone eras, with the only remaining relic being the 'St. Ioannis Theologos' monastery. Purchased by the Çetintaş family in 1955 when the Treasury put the land up for sale, it was meticulously constructed by Priest Dionysius (born Kalafatis) in 1865 over the remnants of an earlier Byzantine monastery. While the exact construction date of the Byzantine monastery remains elusive, it is speculated to predate the fall of Istanbul. This plot of land was utilized as a cemetery before the Byzantine monastery, dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries. (as per Ecclesiastical records from the Patriarchate of Istanbul)

The family cherishes a poignant memory linked to the monastery: In the early 1920s, upon receiving news of an imminent attack by marauding gangs attempting to dominate the region, Grandfather Ahmet Çetintaş swiftly transported his family to the safety he perceived in the St. Ioannis Theologos Monastery. Welcomed by the head priest, the distressed family found refuge within the monastery walls. Though their home was pillaged that night, the family emerged unscathed. This episode stands as a pivotal reason for Hüseyin Çetintaş to acquire the land during its sale.

As part of Melen Winery’s future endeavors, we aspire to restore this monastery ruin nestled within our vineyards. Our vision includes transforming it into a cultural hub with a petite museum, meeting and exhibition halls, and workshops.