Melen Şarapları

The Melen Monastery Vineyard

Hoşköy is situated on the north coast of the Sea of Marmara. Behind us are the mountains which provide a border to the Mediterranean climate and in front, the sea is dotted with the islands of Marmara, Avşa, Ekinlik and Hayırsız. Vines and wines have been grown and made here, in what used to be called Ganohora, since time immemorial. The wines of Ganohora, which was also known for its monasteries, have been shipped to many different countries ranging from Egypt to Russia. The wines were shipped in locally produced amphorae. Today, only one of those monasteries still stands, the Monastery of St. Ioannis and it is to be found within the Melen vine yards.


Melen’s work with its vine yards is like the work of the ancient potters who transformed worthless pieces of clay into works of art, and now not just the vineyards, but Melen too, is slowly bringing the ruined Monastery back to life. The vine yard is on the breezy side of the hill facing the sea and protected from the north by the Ganohora Mountains at a height of 945 metres. The vine yard, at 200 metres, slopes towards the sea which is some 600 metres away. As a result the days are hot and sunny and the nights are cool and breezy. The vines grow in the stony, gritty, dry soil of the old monastery gardens and the 200,000 sq. metre area has been divided into four. Each area grows a single variety of a superior clone and these are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo, Shiraz, Papazkarasi, Okuzgozu, Semillion, Gamay. The vine yard is planted densely, in order to produce the highest quality grapes. Forcing the vineyard to produce a high quality crop,causes each vine stock to yield a mere 1 kg of grapes each year, which corresponds to just one bottle of wine.

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