Melen Şarapları

The Melen Logo

Melen Logo

The source of inspiration for the Melen Logo is the maker’s mark that appears on ancient amphorae discovered in excavations of local potteries which, since ancient times, provided the means of exporting the wines of the region. With an abundance of wine and olive oil and clay from the river beds Hoşköy was able to export its produce to many different countries including Egypt and Russia. Today, Melen carries on this age old tradition.


Melen, as a word, is probably more than 6000 years old. Vitis Vinifera the wine grape was first found in riverbeds and these riverbeds were known as Melendis or Melen. The area north east of Hoşköy, now known as Güzelköy, where the Cetintas family came from, was called Melen before the population exchange of the 1920s

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