Melen Şarapları


Hoşköy is a small beach town on the coast of the Sea of Marmara. The area, with its vine yards and olive trees, is known as the farthest point of the Mediterranean climate. Here, wine making is a tradition reaching back to antiquity.

The almonds bloom in March as naturea wakes from hibernating during the winter, followed by the Russian olives and acacias that lend their scents to the wind in May. In June, brigh tred cherries adorn branches, and then the vine yards come alive. The harvest begins at the end of August and continues through September. As the first wines of the season are being tasted in wineries, the bustle of the olive harvest begins. Hoşköy greets each new year with new wines and olive oil, who will be accompanied on the table with exquisite fish.


The Uçmakdere – Hoşköyline, just outside of Tekirdağ, has exquisite coves formed by hills that are perpendicular to the sea and is under protection as a national park. The area offers nature lovers with many activites, along with harvest tours, like trekking and paragliding. 

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